“I created SheSez as a source of inspiration—a destination for women who have a passion for learning from others and for discovering ways to enhance their own lives.”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been on a quest to learn to live better. Armed with an insane curiosity and the instincts of a veteran journalist, I’ve always been on a mission to discover ways to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life, filled with beauty, intention and purpose. 

I created SheSez as a source of inspiration—a destination for women who have a passion for learning from others and for discovering ways to enhance their own lives. It spans home, food, entertaining, gardening, lifestyle, and health & wellness, and comprises articles, how-to videos and a podcast.

Sometimes I’m the instructor; other times I’m the student, bringing in experts who share what they know. I keep the tone casual and approachable. I always advise people not take anything they hear or see on SheSez too literally. The idea is to take a notion, riff off of it—and make it your own. 

A bit about my background. I started out working in the trenches as a TV reporter/anchor in Florida, before moving on to news reporting in New York City and LA. I then shifted to entertainment news at E! Entertainment TV. For seven years I worked as a correspondent and anchor on E! News and hosted numerous shows for the network.

In the midst of all that, I married my husband, Charlie (my eighth-grade crush back in Maryland), and had two sons, ultimately deciding I wanted to experience being a stay-at-home mom. I loved immersing myself into the lives of my boys. But once they entered high school, I knew I needed to get my game back on. Reentering the workforce in my 40s wasn’t easy. Calls weren’t returned; meetings went nowhere. I got stuck. Much of that was on me as I grappled with fear of rejection and being judged. After just five years out of the workforce, swirling in all the negative messaging about middle age, I’d lost my professional confidence.

In 2011, I got it back, taking a job as founding editor-in-chief of Ventura Blvd, a print and digital lifestyle platform focusing on the San Fernando Valley suburb of LA. And in 2017, I returned to my broadcasting roots and launched the SheSez Podcast, in which I interview fascinating, compelling women who are achieving success on their own terms. I talk with women of all life stages, from Oscar winners to Fortune 500 executives to enlightening women who just seem to have it down. I also do a fair number of episodes on cutting edge health & wellness. Recent topics include the use of TMS for depression; the specific ingredients (supported by scientific research) to look for on anti-aging product labels; a new drug being for tested by NIMH for mid life depression in women; and the use of bio-identical hormones to boost muscle, energy and libido.

Regardless of the topic, I try to connect with guests on a real level about what’s important in life, quickly getting to the point. I respect and value the 40 or so minutes listeners spend with me and my guests. If listeners don’t leave the show with at least one concrete takeaway, I’ve missed the mark.

When I’m not working, I listen to my husband pontificate about golf, spoil my Havanese dog, and relentlessly toil away in my garden. It’s drought-tolerant except in summer, when I get obsessed with growing dahlias and heirloom tomatoes. Those too are a labor of love—and another lifelong quest.

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