Adi Arezzeni: How My Quest For Better Digestion Sparked The Idea For Teami Blends Tea

After 30 years in the beauty industry, during which she founded 5 successful brands, Marcia Kilgore is now running what she believes will be her most successful venture yet.

Hear the amazing story of how 27-year-old Adi Arezzini turned her mother’s organic tea garden into the Teami Blends empire.

Adi shares with Linda how, after serving two years in the Israeli army, she returned to the U.S. in the shape of her life. But after eating the army’s institutional, bland diet, she grappled with constipation and bloating. She tried all kinds of remedies but nothing worked—until she started experimenting with the tea that her mother was growing in her garden. She came up with two distinct blends of tea that solved her digestive problems—and from those blends developed a 30-day detox program.

Cut to five years later and Adi is the CEO and founder of Teami Blends, an all-natural loose-leaf tea company based in Clearwater, Florida. Adi oversees 50 employees and recently the brand expanded to include tea-based skincare products that are sold at the nationwide chain, Ulta Beauty.


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Kate Betts
Adi Arezzeni: How My Quest For Better Digestion Sparked The Idea For Teami Blends Tea