Aishwarya Iyer

After 30 years in the beauty industry, during which she founded 5 successful brands, Marcia Kilgore is now running what she believes will be her most successful venture yet.

Aishwarya Iyer shares her journey from the tech start-up world of New York City to the scenic olive mills in California to found the artisanal olive oil company Brightland. With zero experience in the food industry, launching an olive oil company was nothing the 32-year-old ever could have predicted. A few years ago she decided to begin cooking dinner at her apartment (instead of ordering take-out) and she started routinely using olive oil. Suddenly, Aish started feeling sick to her stomach after every meal. After eliminating products, she determined the culprit was the olive oil; it was dated and rancid. In this show we delve into how Aish invested everything she had and moved across country to develop a healthier, high quality oil that avoids many of the issues in the scandal-plagued industry. Plus, her tips on how to purchase fresh, tasty olive oil at the grocery store (it’s not just about the expiration date) and her surprising advice on using it at high heats (the “smoke point”).


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Aishwarya Iyer