Innovative Mindsets

Shannon Kenny Carbonell: When Motherhood Usurps Your Big Career Plans

The actress & author on how motherhood led her to let go of her lifelong dream; her struggles at accepting her decision—and how she crafted new dreams.

Linda Grasso

SheSez’s host gets interviewed about what she has learned over the past 2 years about finding happiness, fulfillment and purpose.

Dr. Shannon Chavez

How to have great sex in a long-term relationship.

Melissa Brohner Schneider & Sara Singer Schiff

Why you should stop portraying perfection and start showing your failures.

Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz

The integrative OB GYN on bioidentical hormones, vaginal rejuvenation and CBD oil for sex

Rachel Steinman

Growing up in a family with mental illness

Jennifer Dulski

Facebook Executive and Social Change Thought Leader

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