Dawn Kelley

A deep dive into the health benefits of almond butter. Dawn Kelley, president and CEO of Barney Butter Butter is our guest. The Fresno, California-based company has a unique way of making almond butter that avoids bitterness and that nasty, pasty or oily texture so many of products have. Barney Butter also offers a no added salt or sugar version, making it one of the healthiest almond butters on the market.

On the show Dawn and Linda discuss the health benefits of almond butter – ranging from better sleep to stronger bones—and fresh ways of integrating it into your diet.

We also talk about the year Dawn’s life turned upside down (for the better!)— a year in which she quit one job, started another, moved from Southern California to Maine and married a man with three kids. By the way, it was also the year she turned forty.


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