Christine Chang & Sarah Lee

K-Beauty: myth or miracle?

K-Beauty: myth or miracle? Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, founders of Glow Recipe Skincare, school us on the red hot Korean a.k.a. K-Beauty industry—covering everything from the pure and sometimes unusual ingredients (snail secretions, anyone?) to it’s recent move away from cumbersome 10-step routines and move towards multi-use products. They also share how they came up with the cult-favorite, Watermelon Sleeping Mask which has sold out over 7 times at Sephora with an 8,000 person waitlist. Plus, how the women decided to get off the fast track as VP’s at Loreal and in 2017 launch the fruit-inspired Glow Recipe line, which is cruelty-free and made without parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Sarah and Christine’s newest K-Beauty-inspired line, Sweet Chef, is available at Target.


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