Dina Kaplan

Dina Kaplan, as founder of The Path, teaches meditation to groups and organizations across the globe. 

It’s a far cry from where she started out. In her early career, Dina was an award-winning TV news reporter and later she became something of an “it” girl in tech after co-founding the online video platform, Blip. Named one of Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs in 2010, Dina was one of the very few female top tier tech executives in the world. To the outside, she seemed to have it all.

But Dina had a secret: she suffered from debilitating panic attacks. One day she got dropped off by a cab and couldn’t make it across the street to her office. Dina shares with Linda how she packed her bags and bought a one way ticket to Asia, where she discovered the restorative powers of meditation, and embarked on a new start-up, The Path which is aimed at helping executives calm down. 

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