Erin Taylor

Let’s face it: being a mother can be one of the most joyous things in life—but also one of the most challenging. In this episode, we have a Just Tell Me What to Do, the SheSez segment that zeros in on the complex situations that keep us up at night, with therapist and parenting coach Erin Taylor.  Erin tackles listener emails on 3 different topics: how to have the small birthday party that your kid wants but keep the peace with the rest of the class and school officials who espouse inclusivity; what to do when the mom of the kid bullying yours is a friend; and how to handle family gatherings when it comes to the the grandparent who keeps getting married and divorced.

Are you an expert of some sort who might be up for doing a Just Tell Me What to Do segment answering listener emails? Or do you have questions that you’d like answered by one of our experts? We currently have an advice guru, a stylist, a cosmetic injectables specialist, a child/family therapist, a reinvention specialist, a holistic nutritionist and an integrative OB GYN who can address listeners’ hairiest, most complicated situations. Email us at [email protected].


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