Melissa Berton

As anyone in the film industry will tell you: it’s incredibly difficult to get a movie made. It’s even harder to win an Oscar. On this show we meet a woman – completely outside the entertainment industry – who along with her students – did exactly that. At the Academy Awards in January 2019,  English teacher Melissa Berton stood up on the stage with her students from Oakwood School and accepted the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject for their movie: Period. End of Sentence The 26-minute movie profiles a group of women living in a village in India who band together to make sanitary pads for their girls so they don’t have to miss school when menstruating. Melissa shares with Linda how she and her students were taken aback when they learned that girls in India don’t have access to sanitary pads; how they raised money with The Pad Project to change that, documenting the steps along the way and creating something that exceeded their wildest dreams.


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