Sasha Shillcutt

A must listen to anyone who is afraid to “go under.” Anesthesiologist Sasha Shillcutt shares what you can do to make sure your experience as safe as possible, the different types of anesthesiology, what exactly happens when a patient is anesthetized and possible side effects you might have afterwards. Plus, the story of how a few years back the physician hit a wall, feeling like—between work and motherhood—she’d lost her sense of self, and realizing she didn’t have any friends. Sasha ultimately got bold, making some serious moves to develop meaningful female relationships including founding Brave Enough, an organization that provides a platform for women to connect. She is also the author of Between Grit and Grace, in which she shares the stories of 30 formidable women and how they found the confidence and courage to be successful and leaders but also retain their vulnerability and compassion.

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