Sheila Morovati

She may be soft spoken and petite but make no mistake: Sheila Morovati is force of nature. She’s the rare kind of person who sees something wrong and wants to right it. The first change Sheila set her sights on making concerned the tremendous amount of crayon waste created by restaurants. While her two kids were off at pre-school, she started calling restaurants and asking them to save their gently-used crayons for donation to underserved schools. Before long, Sheila founded the non-profit Crayon Collection, which saves millions of crayons from landfills each year. And Sheila recently zeroed in on another, more dangerous kind of waste: plastic straws. Sheila recently played an integral role in getting the city of Malibu to ban the use of plastic straws and hopes to persuade more municipalities to do the same.

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