Wendy Euler

Consumed by fear of aging and not mattering anymore? Meet Wendy Euler, who is on a mission to show us that middle age—and even later— can be the prime of life.

While most people shy away from change as they get older, Wendy faced it head on. In her 40s she left an unhappy marriage, married her dream man and, after tiring of life in the big city, moved with her family to Montana. Then, at 46, she had another child.

 And then it all really started happening. Fed up with hearing the message that it’s basically over for women after 50, the former advertising executive decided to take matters into her own hands. In 2017, Wendy (who has always been impossibly chic) launched the fashion blog, Goodbye Crop Top, which quickly became a smash hit and has created numerous opportunities from swimsuit modeling to writing a book. The tagline? 50 is the new 50.


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