How To Style A Kitchen Center Island

At my house, the kitchen is the main hub. No matter the size or type of gathering, everyone at my house always converges in the kitchen. Sometimes, on more fancy occasions, I beg people to go into the living room. I put the hor d’oeuvres and light a fire in there. Never works. So I like to keep the center island looking vibrant and seasonal, like it is ready for company.

In this video, I share a couple of tips and tricks to keep the kitchen feeling pretty and welcoming, while also giving it a sense of place and time. Each season, I suggest you begin the process by doing some foraging in your yard or in nature to come up with some fresh items. Slow down. Look around. Lose yourself in the creative process. (For me that is my Soul Cycle.) If you come up short, then head to the store.

When I made this video it was springtime, so I went out to my garden and picked Meyer lemons and kumquats from my trees and then added in some mini fir trees from Trader Joe’s. In the summer, it changes; I have bowls of heirloom tomatoes and fresh mission black figs as well as bright dahlias in short fat arrangements. In fall I bring out my vintage woven baskets which I fill with mums or delicate ferns, surrounded by bowls of farmers market apples and interesting variegated gourds and pumpkins. In winter, with the holidays, it is always an extravaganza! This past year I went with variegated amaryllis bulbs dipped in red wax (another brilliant Trader Joe’s find) and foraged pinecones edged with gold paint. I also filled some vases with bright green and brown Magnolia tree leaves/branches (which lasted more than a month).

As always, do what feels right to you and for your lifestyle. Take some of the tips – and then make it your own!

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