Photos by Michael Becker | Byrdie Lifson-Pompan photographed by Remy Haynes

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SheSez is an audio podcast, but we also offer episodes in video. Watch some snippets here.

Lisa Kline

Retail Buyer, Curator & Merchandiser

Sarah Robarts

PR Guru & Artist

Sheila Nevins

President of HBO Documentary Films

Lisa Rotondi

Organic Kids L.A. Founder

Coco of Cococozy

Interior Design Website and Brand Founder

Liz Pryor

Author & Advice Expert

Sue Cowie

Founder of the Fine Line

Candace Silvers

Human Behavior Specialist

Jess Weiner

Social Entrepreneur

Bethany Ashton Wolf

Movie Screenwriter & Director

Suzanne Farwell

Movie Producer

Elissa Goodman

Holistic Nutritionist

Byrdie Lifson-Pompan

Healthcare Advocate

Linda Grasso

Podcast Host

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